Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jared is a married man..

Jared married Sarah Osterlie August 18 2012 in the Nauvoo temple. It was so awesome to be able to see them sealed for time and all eternity. The sealer was awesome! They both looked so great. They had a vintage barn reception in Iowa, where Sarah grew up, the night of their wedding. The had a second reception in my parents yard the Monday following the wedding. My mom worked so hard to make everything look so cute and shabby chic. We got all ready and were lighting the last candles when... It started to pour!! My mom was heartbroken. But if you ask me it turned out great! Being forced to move inside due to the rain, made everyone talk to each other. There wasn't the usual clicks or table gatherers. Everyone just circled the room and visited. I loved seeing old friends and most of all enjoyed the yummy food. My mom and her friends spent HOURS making all the yummy treats. They had peanutbutter bars and italian wedding cookies. Mini old black joe cupcakes and sugar cookie. Oh man, the treats were endless! The water was pretty dang good too. She made an ice ring that had mint and thyme in it. It just very lightly flavored the water. Refreshing! Rain and all the night was perfect! We are just thrilled to have Sarah as part of our crazy family!

 The tables..
 They had a guest quilt that my mom and I made. Everyone that came signed it and left little messages for them to admire in their snuggle time..
 Another table, That pitcher and wash bassin was my grammies.
 Their wedding invitation..
 Close up of the bassin
 My dad and baby Kaiya..
 Some of the treats..
 Jared and Sammy.
 Saige Anne..
 Treat and water table..
 Stormi (sarahs sister in law), Stormis little girl, Jared and Katelyn (Sammys wife)
 Saige loving the rain..
 The bride and groom!
 The ONLY pic we got of Lillie bugers.
Katelyn, Jared and Sarah